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Uppsalir — bar and café

Uppsalir Bar and Café is located at Hotel Reykjavík Centrum.

Friendly and cozy Uppsalir Bar and Café offers a great selection of light meals and a wide range of wine and cocktails.


Good food and fun times

We’re about classic and inspired cooking, good food and cocktails to match. We love food and are dedicated to ensure that every time you visit us, you will have fantastic food and service.

Uppsalir Bar and Café is the perfect destination for any occasion, whether it’s homemade cake and coffee, a business lunch or simply relaxing with a fabulous cocktail at the bar.

Opening Hours

Sun  - Thur: 11:30 - 23:00

Fri - Sat: 11:30 - 00:30

  • Wide range of wine and cocktails

    Wide range of wine and cocktails

  • Uppsalir


  • Friendly and cozy

    Friendly and cozy

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”

George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman

Small Courses - Ideal snacks to enjoy with your glass of wine or beer, pick 3 pay for 2 Price
Sweet potato fries with chilli mayonnaise 990 ISK
Dried fish with butter - An Icelandic traditional snack 990 ISK
Shark and a shot of Brennivín a.k.a Black Death 990 ISK
Blue mussels in beer broth 990 ISK
Smoked lamb "carpaccio" with blueberries 990 ISK
Minke whale, rutabaga and mustard sauce 990 ISK
Deep fried Camembert with blueberry sauce 990 ISK
Root vegetables with herb sauce 990 ISK
Shrimp ceviche 990 ISK
French fries with Icelandic cocktail sauce 990 ISK
Onion rings with lemon sauce 990 ISK

Salad and Soups Price
Chicken salad: Marinated chicken thighs, tomatoes and mustard dressing 1.990 ISK
Garden salad: Toasted nuts, oranges and honey apple vinaigrette 1.690 ISK
Walnut salad: Walnut dressing, Icelandic blue cheese and pears 1.690 ISK
Icelandic meat soup: Lamb, vegetables and barley 2.290 ISK
Seafood soup: Blue mussels, salmon, shrimps and scallops 2.290 ISK
Hamburgers and sandwiches - All burgers and sandwiches are served with fries and a sauce of your choice Price
Bacon beer burger: bacon and beer jam, pickled cucumber with mustard sauce 2.290 ISK
Bean burger: Bean patty, tomato jam and mustard sauce 1.990 ISK
Lamb sandwich: Beer marinated lamb, bacon and beer jam with béarnaise sauce 2.190 ISK
Steak sandwich: Beef, mushrooms and béarnaise sauce 2.390 ISK
Pulled pork sandwich: Pulled pork, pickled peppers and chili mayonnaise 1.990 ISK
Reindeer burger: camembert, red currant, onion jam and horseradish sauce 2.690 ISK
Types of sauces: Ketchup, Icelandic Cocktail sauce, Chilli mayonnaise, Dill mayonnaise, Lemon mayonnaise, Beet vinagrette, Mustard mayonnaise, Bernaise sauce, Garlic sauce, Sweet homemade BBQ sauce
Main Courses Price
Fish and Chips: Deep fried cod, tartar sauce and lemon 2.390 ISK
Salmon: Lemon sauce, glazed carrots and salad 2.990 ISK
Wolffish: Beets, aioli and salad 2.590 ISK
Beef tenderloin: 200g steak with fries and béarnaise sauce 3.990 ISK
Chicken thighs: Sweet potato fries, chili mayonnaise and salad 2.690 ISK
Langoustine in orly: Onion rings, chili mayonnaise and salad 2.690 ISK
Blue mussle in beer broth 2.590 ISK
Desserts Price
Skyr: traditional Icelandic skyr with cream and blueberry sorbet 990 ISK
Chocolate: Chocolate cake, praliné and blood orange sorbet 1.690 ISK
Ice Cream: Ice Cream and sorbet with fruits 1.690 ISK
Liquorice: Liquorice mousse, berries and yoghurt ice cream 1.690 ISK
Apple: Apple cake, vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce 1.690 ISK